Getting Started

If you think you may be a candidate for AllergyEasy® sublingual drops at the Family Allergy Clinic, here’s how to get started.

  1. Schedule a physician consultation: A clinician will review your symptoms and history to determine if allergy testing is appropriate.
  2. Get an allergy test… but not the painful, drawn-out kind!  We perform a brief skin test using a 10-pronged device to penetrate the most superficial layers of skin. (The skin is not actually broken. No blood involved!) In just a few minutes and with minimal pain, we can gauge your reaction to most major allergens. For best skin test results, avoid taking antihistamines or steroids 48-72 hours prior to your first appointment.
  3. Take your AllergyEasy drops home: Once your allergies have been assessed and treatment is indicated, you will receive a starter kit of AllergyEasy under-the-tongue drops to be taken daily at home.  Each bottle will contain incrementally higher concentrations of common allergens.  This progression is designed to “teach” your body to tolerate the allergens that once caused you so much misery.  After completing the starter kit, you can move on to maintenance serum. The recommended length of treatment is 3-5 years of daily dosing to achieve a long-term remission of symptoms.
  4. Relief at last! The majority of Family Allergy Clinic patients experience symptom relief within three months of starting treatment, but many see progress in just a few weeks. This is a marked improvement over many traditional allergy shot programs that can take up to two years to realize results.

Book Your Appointment:

To get started at the Family Allergy Clinic, schedule online or call 1-480-827-9945.

* We proudly serve the greater Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale area.


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allergy starter kit

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