Children's Allergies

Even very young children can have severe allergies, but getting treatment can be challenging. Most allergists won’t treat children until they are 7 years old, but that’s a long time to wait when you are miserable with allergies. That’s where the Family Allergy Clinic comes in. Because our method is easier and safer than allergy shots, we can test and treat a younger range of ages.  (Sublingual serum has been shown to be safe for children under five years old.1)  At the Family Allergy Clinic, we have helped thousands of young patients overcome kids’ allergies safely and effectively.  For a consultation with an allergy doctor, contact the Family Allergy Clinic.

1Rienzo VD, Minelli M, Musarra A, Sambugaro R, Pecora S, Canonica WG. “Post-marketing survey on the safety of sublingual immunotherapy in children below the age of 5 years.” Clinical and Experimental Allergy 2005, 35:560-4