Sinus Infection

While an occasional sinus infection may be a fact of life, frequent infections usually indicate allergy problems.

The sinuses are lined by mucous membranes that normally produce fluid. This fluid usually drains into the nasal passages and is swallowed throughout the day. However, when allergies are present, the lining of the sinuses swells, trapping the fluid inside. The dark, moist environment of the sinus cavities is an invitation for bacteria to grow and infections to flourish.

If allergies are not addressed, patients can be mired in endless sinus problems. Symptoms of sinus infections include headaches (including pain behind the eyes and cheekbones), sinuses that are tender to the touch, colored nasal discharge (green, yellow, milky or grey), fever, cough and fatigue.

If you have recurrent sinus infections, you may be a candidate for allergy treatment. For a physician consultation at the Family Allergy Clinic, call 480-827-9945.