Tempe Allergies

It used to be that people came to Tempe and other parts of Arizona to escape allergies.  But as Arizona’s population has swelled, so has its pollen count.  Newcomers to the state have brought in non-native plants that have turned Arizona’s once sparse landscape into a hotbed of allergens which lead to asthma, hay fever, sinus infection, eczema, kids’ allergies & food allergies.

Allergist Stuart H. Agren, M.D, opened the Family Allergy Clinic in 1985 to help local allergy sufferers find a better solution than simply limping along with medications or putting up with the hassle of allergy shots.

He began offering his patients sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy which provides the long-term relief offered through allergy shots but without the frequent trips to the doctor’s office for injections. (Allergy drops can be taken at home because they are not associated with the same degree of risk for anaphylactic reaction that shots are.)

As an allergy doctor, Stuart Agren has successfully treated more than 15,000 patients from the greater-Phoenix area.   He treats adults’ and kids’ allergies.   The allergy drops are effective with a host of symptoms including asthma, eczema, hives, hay fever, sinus infections, and headaches.  He can also treat for more than 59 different food allergies using allergy drops.

In addition to serving as the medical director of the Family Allergy Clinic, Dr. Agren has served as an adjunct medical professor at Arizona State University in Tempe.