We believe that the Family Allergy Clinic offers the most user-friendly, effective allergy program you can find, but don’t just take our word for it.


What patients are saying about Family Allergy Clinic’s sublingual allergy drops:

(Initials are used to protect confidentiality)

Patient: K.P. (adolescent golfer ranked among the top five in the country for his age category), allergic rhinitis, asthma

K.P. suffered from asthma and allergy effects triggered by grass—a big problem for a world-class golfer.

“We thought he was constantly sick,” recounted K.P.’s mother. “He missed about 25 days of school a year. He was always sneezing, his eyes were red, he was lethargic, his body ached, he was constantly blowing his nose, and his throat was always clogged.”

After a few months of sublingual immunotherapy treatment at the Family Allergy Clinic, he was symptom-free and back on the golf course. “I can travel now. I can do things I never dreamed I could do,” said K.P.

Patient: P.P. (toddler), sinus infections

According to P.P.’s mother, he had a “sinus infection a month” and “was always miserable.”

After limited improvement with traditional therapy, P.P. began taking oral serum drops through the Family Allergy Clinic. His sinus problems let up within two months and sinus infections now only strike once every couple of years.

“The program has changed my son’s whole life–truly saved his life,” said the patient’s mother. “This is all-natural. It works. We can do it at home. It’s just too easy.”

Patient: J.B., eczema

J.B. suffered from severe eczema that left her body covered in sores. Cool baths provided the only source of comfort. J.B. reported having to practically “live in cool water to survive.”

After unsuccessfully seeking treatment from about 30 doctors, J.B. started taking oral serum drops. She achieved complete relief within two months.

Patient: C.B. (child), asthma

C.B. suffered from debilitating asthma throughout her childhood.

“We felt afraid for her life,” said C.B.’s mother. “She’d catch every cold and virus and her asthma would go out of control. It was really scary.” After C.B. started on the oral drops, the nurse at the pediatrician’s office reported “a drastic reduction in allergies and asthma” for C.B.

“Spring is usually the worst season for us,” said C.B.’s mother. “The nebulizer goes non-stop. After starting on the serum, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to use it.” “I had no idea that something this simple could completely change my child’s life,” said C.B.’s mother. “It has saved us. For the first time, I’m learning how normal people live.”

Patient: M.J.B., allergic fatigue

M.J.B. suffered from common allergy symptoms such as a stuffy nose and also from extreme fatigue.

“I used to find it hard to get out of bed in the morning,” said M.J.B. “I wanted to nap during the work day, and I was dead tired in the evening. I had just accepted it as my life.”

Within only a few months of starting on serum drops, M.J.B reported that “the fatigue was gone.”


What publications are saying about sublingual allergy drops:

“SLIT [sublingual immunotherapy] is a safe treatment which significantly reduces symptoms and medication requirements in allergic rhinitis.”
–The Cochrane Review

“Thus far studies have found that drops were as effective as shots and, not surprisingly, were better accepted by patients and were safer.”
–Scientific American

“Sublingual immunotherapy may confer greater benefit in terms of tolerability and safety, accessibility, and improved antigen delivery.”
–Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology