Allergic to Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. You may be searching for that perfect gift for your special someone, but if they are allergy-prone, make sure to exercise caution. Some of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts contain allergens that stir up miserable symptoms.

Valentines Day and Allergies

(Pixabay / Myriams-Fotos)

Valentine’s Day Allergens

Here are a few of the gifts that can trigger allergies:

  • Candy – This Valentine’s Day staple often comes wrapped in a heart-shaped box, looking inviting and appetizing. The problem is that it may contain prominent allergens such as dairy or nuts. Before giving a food-related gift, make sure to confirm that it does not contain an ingredient that will trigger your partner’s allergies.
  • Flowers – Few gifts are more ubiquitous than a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day, but if the blooms leave your partner sneezing and puffy-eyed, you may want to reconsider. Ensure that your loved one does not have flower allergies before calling the florist. If in doubt, choose less-allergenic flowers such as roses, irises, tulips, and periwinkles.
  • Perfumes – Some scents contain chemicals that can trigger allergies. In severe cases, they can cause a person’s airways to swell and even lead to an asthma attack. If your sweetheart is sensitive to perfumes, you should avoid gifting them and also consider minimizing perfume use yourself.
  • Jewelry – If you are out to make a great impression on the person you love, jewelry can make a great gift choice. However, jewelry may contain nickel that can trigger skin allergies. Nickel-free jewelry is the safer option.
  • Dinner – If you are taking your loved one out for a romantic dinner, make sure that the restaurant offers safe options. The staff should be able to tell you the ingredients in their menu items and offer options that don’t contain allergenic foods.

Choose your gifts wisely. Don’t let a potential allergy attack interfere with the romance of the day.