Apache Junction Allergies

Apache Junction is not the allergy-free zone it used to be. As newcomers have poured into the Phoenix area, they have brought a host of non-native plants that have caused the pollen count to skyrocket.  Now, Apache Junction allergy sufferers find themselves struggling with those same irritating symptoms that afflict allergy sufferers nationwide: asthma, hay fever, eczema, hives, ear and sinus infections, headaches, kids allergies, food allergies and more.

But lasting relief awaits at the Family Allergy Clinic near Apache Junction.  Allergist Stuart H. Agren, M.D. has successfully treated over 15,000 patients through a treatment known as sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy is the only treatment that can change the underlying allergy problem—not just the symptoms.  Immunotherapy can be administered through allergy shots or, more conveniently, as sublingual allergy drops.  Simply squeeze a few allergy drops under your tongue (the serum absorbs into the bloodstream through specialized cells in the mouth).

Due to their safety profile, drops don’t have to be administered at the doctor’s office (like shots do).  Patients can take their allergy drops on-the-go or in the comfort of home.  Dr. Agren also treats for over 59 different food allergies using sublingual drops.