Apple Allergies on Johnny Appleseed Day?

Johnny Appleseed is historically known for his contributions spreading the benefits of apples by planting them across various states. It was through his efforts that apple trees became widespread in different parts of the world such as Ontario, Pennsylvania. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Because of his great works, the 26th of September was established as Johnny Appleseed Day to honor his achievements.

Apple Allergies

While most of us enjoy the crisp deliciousness of an apple, some people aren’t so luck. Did you know that there is such thing as an apple allergy?

Allergies are caused by the over-sensitivity of our immune system to certain types or food or particles present in the air or food we ingest. When this happens, the body releases antibodies and histamines. As a result, the body experiences symptoms such as itchiness, gastrointestinal problems, and a lot more.

About Food Allergies

One of the common types of allergies is a food allergy, including apple allergy. It occurs when we eat or drink something that our body misinterprets as harmful. The apple has the tendency to trigger oral allergies when it is ingested. Symptoms of oral allergies due to apples include itchy mouth, swelling, as well as a tingling sensation in the mouth and throat area.

In a lot of cases, people who are allergic to apples are also allergic to pollen coming from the same family as the apple tree, like birch for example. When this happens, there is cross-reactivity between the apple and the pollen from the birch tree.

People who have this kind of allergy are mostly unaware that they have it because symptoms are often mild. If you believe that you may have a food allergy to apples, call Family Allergy Clinic at 480-827-9945 for a consultation on allergy treatment options.