Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Allergic Children

If your children suffer from allergies, it can be stressful to send them off to school for another year. Food allergies are very common among kids, and some can be severe enough to cause life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Back to School Tips parents Allergic Children

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Parents with allergic children must be proactive in their approach. They could take the following steps to prepare their kids for hazardous situations at school:

  • Schedule a meeting with the school nurse – The nurse is the best-trained person to handle medical emergencies in school. He or she serves as the coordinator for managing a child’s allergies in different settings. Parents should thoroughly explain the nature and scope of a child’s allergies.
  • Share your child’s emergency care plan – Share your emergency care plan with both the school nurse and your child’s teacher. Your doctor can help create this plan with directions about what to do in the event that your child experiences an allergic reaction. The plan should include emergency contact numbers, including the best contact numbers for your pediatrician and allergist. Look online if you need a template for an emergency plan.
  • Describe your child’s typical reactions – Your child’s teacher may not have experience with kids’ allergies and may not recognize his or her symptoms. Describe to your child’s teacher and other relevant staff members what to watch for in the initial stages of your child’s reaction.
  • Let your child do the talking – Children have their own way of describing their symptoms. Have your child communicate to the teacher how he or she reacts to allergies. Children may pull or scratch their tongue or slur their words. Hearing the description directly from your child will help staff members better understand their thought processes and actions.
  • Keep an epinephrine injector at the school – Make sure that staff members know to work the injector in case it is needed in an emergency.

If you live in the Chandler area, take your allergic kids to a Chandler allergy doctor before they go back to school. The doctors can create a treatment plan for Chandler kids’ allergies if you don’t have one yet. If you already have a plan, they can make any necessary updates. Allergies can be scary, but if you prepare for them well, you can avert potentially dangerous situations.