Beat the Heat and the Calories in the Swimming Pool

Nothing can help you get through the Arizona summer like a swimming pool. If you’re tired of sweating through a morning jog, consider switching it up and swimming for your health instead. A brisk swim can burn as many calories as jogging for the same amount of time and help with full-body muscle development. Also, it’s far easier on joints than running. Consider swimming regularly to improve your health, and incorporate the below ideas to make it not only worthwhile, but also fun!


Mix-up your work-outs

Webites like this one have great ideas for varying your pool workouts and pushing yourself to the next level:

Look for swim buddies

Swimming alone is great, but swimming with others brings a level of support and competition to take you to the next level. Consider training for a race or competition with a friend so you have a common goal.

Diversify locations

As with anything, a change of scenery is nice once in a while. Avoid burning out on the same pool week after week. Switch it up from time to time and alternate local swimming pools, lakes, or beaches.

“Get down” in the water. (Psst! No one will know!)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching?” Swim like no one is watching! Learn a new stroke. Try out a new dance move. Your body is obscured beneath the water’s surface, so enjoy!