Coconut Allergy?

Due to the concern that exposure to man-made chemicals will trigger allergies, many people turn to natural skincare and beauty products. They add organic products to their daily beauty regimen because of the well-known benefits of pure ingredients. However, the use of natural ingredients for beauty products does not guarantee an allergy-free experience. Some people develop allergies to natural ingredients, even those they have been using for years.

Coconut Allergy

(Pixabay / LisaRedfern)

Coconut has long been used as a favorite ingredient in personal care products. It is touted as the perfect solution for dull, weak, and dry hair. Coconut is combined with other ingredients, such as fragrances, antibacterial compounds, thickening agents, and preservatives, to make popular beauty products. Parabens used to be the most popular preservative in skincare and beauty products, but new alternatives, which include methylisothiazolinone, replaced them. The inclusion of new chemical ingredients to the coconut-based products has given rise to allergic reactions.

Using skincare and beauty products that contain coconut as the main ingredient could lead to allergic reactions due to a process called sensitization. Sensitization could be explained as the development of an allergic reaction due to constant exposure to a substance. Regularly using products that contain coconut could lead to an allergy. The allergy could even extend to edible versions of coconut.

Skin allergies occur when your immune system flags ingredients in certain products as invaders. It then launches a reaction to try to fight them off. This leads to different skin symptoms referred to as contact dermatitis. If the reaction is only skin deep, it is classified as irritant contact dermatitis and does not count as a true allergy. If you react to foods with coconut, you probably have a bona fide coconut allergy and would benefit from a visit to the allergist.

If you experience allergies in Scottsdale, consult a Scottsdale allergist. The allergist can help you understand the nature and scope of your allergies and recommend treatment options.