Curb Your Allergy Medication Costs

With the holidays approaching, many people are watching their wallets. The holiday season brings many expenses. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, you may find yourself spending more than you thought on ingredients and décor items. You may also be saving up to buy Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.

Curb Your Allergy Medication Costs

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There are many ways to save money such as shopping the sales and getting in on Black Friday deals. What may not be as evident is how to save on health expenses. Medication costs add up, but your health may depend on them. If you have allergies, you may find yourself shelling out for antihistamines and decongestants as you seek for lasting relief. Fortunately, you’re not powerless when it comes to health spending. There are some ways to trim costs. Try these tips for saving on allergy medications:

  • Find out what you’re actually allergic to – Don’t guess when it comes to your allergies. You might be taking the wrong medication for your symptoms. Your first step should be to see an allergist who can conduct tests to determine what you are actually allergic to. If you need medication, the allergy doctor can write an appropriate prescription. He or she can also help you know how to minimize exposure to allergens that will trigger your reactions.
  • Talk to your doctor – Talking to your doctor about the cost of your allergy medications could bring good results. Your physician could prescribe generic medications that cost a lot less than branded ones. Your doctor may also be able to provide free samples.
  • Use the best drugs – Make sure that you are taking the most appropriate medications. When you medicate effectively, your symptoms may go away sooner. That means less time on medication. Many people waste money paying for the wrong drugs.
  • Choose the right pharmacy – Do not just go to the neighborhood drug store. Look for a pharmacy that offers the best prices. For example, membership-only warehouse clubs often offer lower prices on medications. Online pharmacies can be cost-effective as well.

Sometimes pills are not the best medications. If your allergies are severe or occur over a long period, you may be a candidate for allergy immunotherapy. If you live in Chandler, ask your physician about Chandler allergy shots. You could also explore Chandler sublingual allergy immunotherapy, which uses under-the-tongue drops instead of shots to desensitize patients to allergens in the environment.