Health Benefits of Being in Love

Valentine’s Day brings thoughts of love, but did you know that love also has health benefits? In fact, research suggests that people who are in satisfying relationships tend to have better health than those who are not. Here are some of the ways that love is good for your health.

in love

Love boosts your immunity

According to sexual health experts, people who engage in frequent lovemaking have higher levels of antibodies that defend the body against germs and viruses. Loving relationships also reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, thus improving a person’s immune system.

Love lessens alcohol abuse

Studies show that people who are in a relationship are less likely to abuse or depend upon alcohol. One study revealed that 13.5 percent of single people who participated in the research were described as alcohol dependent, compared to only four percent of the participants who had been in a committed relationship between two and four years.

Love enhances our mental health

People who have been in a commitment for five years or more were less likely to suffer from depression and distress. Studies show that men who are married are also less likely to commit suicide compared to single or divorced men. Some believe this link comes from marriage eliminating social isolation, a common contributor to depression.

Love improves stress management

People who are in a commitment tend to cope better to stress than single or divorced individuals. There is sufficient evidence between the link of social support and stress management. People who get support in tough times from someone who loves them tend to cope better and faster.