Jobs to Avoid if You Have Allergies

Plenty of things affect allergies-pollen count, the foods you eat, pets. Your job, too, can affect your allergies. Since allergies can be triggered by
environment, food, pollens, chemicals, fumes and many other inhalants, it is important for allergy sufferers to know what jobs to avoid. Consider the

job allergies

1. Outdoor Jobs

Outdoor jobs such as landscaping, construction, etc. can expose you to pollens and dust that make you miserable. If outside work is inevitiable, minimize
exposure by wearing a long-sleeved shirt, hat, gloves, and a mask when possible. Also, try to start working early in the day and finish the task fast. The
pollen count is often lower during the early morning hours. Once done, take a shower and change your clothes to lessen the amount of pollen exposure.

2. Jobs at a Spa or Salon

Chemicals and fumes from beauty products can inflame nasal membranes.

3. Housekeeping

Homes, apartments, and hotels often host high levels of indoor molds and dust. Molds can grow in poorly ventilated bathrooms and basements. Carpets,
furniture, and bedding are often rife with dust mites. If you’re cleaning, be certain that the area is well-ventilated. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling
allergens. And instead of dusting and sweeping which can stir up dust, switch to vacuum cleaners.

4. Jobs at Veterinary Clinics and Animal Spa

Pet dander, tiny flecks of dead pet skin, can stir up miserable allergy symptoms. And while some breeders claim to offer “hypo-allergenic pets,” no pet is
truly free of pet dander. If you wish to continue in a pet-related job in spite of the allergy symptoms, wear a mask while working, wash your hands
frequently, avoid touching your eyes, and wipe surfaces thoroughly.

If allergies are keeping you from work that you love, consider allergy immunotherapy to address the underlying allergic disease.