Let Technology Help You Manage Your Allergies

One in five people suffers from allergies. While you can’t totally control your environment to limit allergies, understanding how and when to interact with it can help minimize your reactions. Thankfully, we live in a day and age when technology can help. Here are some well-reviewed websites/apps:

Technology to manage allergies

Pollen Allergies

1. Pollen.com’s Allergy Alert. Pollen.com offers a free iPhone and Android app. You can get side-by-side weather and pollen forecasts in multiple locations with the swipe of a finger. There is also an allergy diary that can later be printed as a chart or calendar to help you track your allergy history.

2. The Weather Channel. The ultimate authority in weather is also a source of information on local pollen counts. Sign up for email or SMS notifications, too.

3. National Allergy Bureau Pollen Counts. This website from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology gives you thorough, up-to-date information on pollen and mold levels throughout the country.

4. Allergy Manager. This iPhone app tracks pollens counts and reminds you when your medication needs to be refilled. It also provides a diary forum for tracking your symptoms (which can be generated in chart form for analysis over time).

Food Allergies

1. AllergyEats. This website is also available in iPhone and Android app forms. It rates restaurants by how willing they are to accommodate specific food allergies. You can narrow down and search based on the type of foods that trigger your allergies.

2. Find Me Gluten Free. This app for iPhones and Androids costs a few bucks but helps you find restaurants in your area that have gluten free menus and options. It can then give you directions to the restaurant, link you to the restaurant website, and allow you to call for reservations.