Make it an Allergy-Free Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14. It’s a chance to honor mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures who have blessed our lives. Though physical gifts are usually inadequate to express the range of our feelings for our mothers, heartfelt presents can still make the day memorable for Mom.

Allergy-Free Mothers Day

(Pixabay / thedanw)

There are lots of options for Mother’s Day gifts. There are the standard presents of flowers, perfume, or a new clothing item. You could also take your mom to dinner, to a concert, or on a shopping spree. Remember to take into consideration any health concerns your mom may be dealing with, including allergies.

If your mom has allergies, you may need to steer away from certain gifts that could trigger a reaction. For example, if you take your mom to dinner on her special day or prepare her a gourmet meal at home, make sure there are options that will not affect her food allergies. You can call the restaurant in advance to request a meal that will not use problematic ingredients. If you are cooking at home, look for recipes that are allergy friendly such as gluten-free bread items or dairy-free desserts. Avoid other items that may be problematic such as nuts or shellfish.

If you are considering giving flowers, be careful with your choice of blooms. Many flowers are highly allergenic, such as begonia, clematis, columbine, cactus, crocus, geranium, and daffodil. Less-allergenic alternatives include lily, iris, tulip, rose, and zinnia. If your mom is sensitive to smells, avoid gifts such as perfume, candles, or air fresheners.

Chocolates are another popular Mother’s Day gift, but if your mom has peanut or tree nut allergies, read ingredients carefully and beware of nut derivatives such as peanut oil.

Allergies needn’t put a damper on your mom’s special day. Plan carefully, steering free of any gifts that could stir up allergic reactions.