Making Your Thanksgiving Food Spread Allergy-Friendly

As far back as the 1600s, people in America have enjoyed Thanksgiving. But there’s a good chance that the pilgrims didn’t have to contend with food allergies—at least not to the extent that modern Americans do. Food allergies have been on the rapid rise in the past couple decades. It is estimated that 15 million Americans (including 1 out of every 13 children) suffer from food allergies.

dessert allergies

Traditional Thanksgiving can be a minefield for allergic people. Gravy contains gluten, pies contain eggs and dairy products and sometimes nuts. Even the veggie tray likely has dairy in the dip.

To make your day in the kitchen a little easier, check out the websites for a variety of allergen-free Thanksgiving recipes including these gluten-free alternatives from Pinterest:

Or these allergen-free recipes from Yummly:

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