The Scientific Case for Allergy Drops

While most people have heard of allergy shots, many have not heard of an alternate method of immunotherapy known as sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). While it works much like allergy shots (with antigen that is assimilated into the blood stream, desensitizing the body to allergens), the delivery method is different. Shots use injections, SLIT relies on under-the-tongue (sublingual) drops.

sublingual immunotherapy research

SLIT brings new advantages to the table: It’s needle free, it’s safer than shots, and it can be taken at home (rather than at the doctor’s office).

It also brings with it an impressive research pedigree that dates back to the 1920s when the first successful SLIT trials were conducted, showing that under-the-tongue delivery of antigen was effective.

Today, sublingual immunotherapy research has yielded many impressive studies establishing its efficacy. For example, the Cochrane Collaboration (internationally recognized as a gold standard in evidence-based medical care) vetted 22 studies involving nearly 1,000 participants using SLIT and found that SLIT is safer than shots and lowers symptoms and the need for allergy drugs for allergy patients.

SLIT has been affirmed by the World Health Organization and a large number of clinical controlled trials in Europe (where nearly half of all immunotherapy is prescribed as sublingual drops).

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