Wheat Allergy

Wheat is one of the top sources of food allergies, but in a country where wheat is the grain of choice, this can be hard to work around. Wheat (and its attendant proteins including gluten) can be found in everything from certain brands of ice cream to ketchup. A wheat allergy can cause a host of symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, gas, cramping) to skin problems (hives and eczema) to respiratory problems. While an abundance of new wheat and gluten-free products have made it easier to steer clear of reaction-causing foods, they often lack many of the important nutrients present in wheat-based foods.

That’s where the Family Allergy Clinic comes in. Our oral allergy drops are designed to help “teach” your immune system to stop overreacting to wheat products, allowing you to eat more wheat and feel good, too.  Just a few drops of oral serum under your tongue every day is all that it takes.

The serum works for adults’ and kids’ allergies. We also offer relief for other food allergies, including egg, soy, fruit, vegetable, rice and milk allergies.