Allergy Drops

Allergy drops are a safer,1 simpler way to stop allergic misery.  No pills.  No allergy shots.  Allergy drops can be taken under the tongue in the comfort of your home.

As with the serum injected through allergy shots, allergy drops contain extracts of allergens found in nature and mixed into a saline solution.  The drops are absorbed under your tongue and make their way into your bloodstream through special cells in the mouth.  As your body gets increased exposure to the allergy drops, it learns to “make peace” with allergens in the environment instead of overreacting to them in ways that lead to irritating symptoms.

Allergy drops are a safer approach to treating allergies than allergy shots.  That safety record allows them to be taken at home for greater convenience and to treat a larger age range.  (Studies have affirmed the safety of drops even for children under five years of age.2)

Allergy drops were developed more than 60 years ago and are used throughout the world—especially in Central Europe where 45 percent of patients receiving allergy treatment take drops instead of shots.3 Allergy drops are affirmed by the World Health Organization.

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