Allergies extend well beyond sneezing and itchy eyes. They are often the culprit behind skin problems such as eczema and hives (urticaria). Topical ointments are commonly used to treat inflamed skin, but they are often only marginally effective, and they don’t get to the heart of the problem.

A more lasting solution for allergy-related hives and eczema is to treat them under the care of an allergist using immunotherapy.  With immunotherapy, the body is exposed to gradually increasing amounts of the most common allergens (pollens, pet dander, etc.) until it learns to tolerate them comfortably. Extracts of the allergens are mixed into a saline solution and administered through allergy shots or, more conveniently, through under-the-tongue allergy drops. As the allergies dissipate, so too does the inflammation that leads to hives and eczema.

At the Family Allergy Clinic in Arizona, thousands of patients have overcome eczema, hay fever and hives through oral allergy drops.

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