A simple allergy solution:

Just a few drops under the tongue.

Why choose sublingual allergy drops? Tired of allergy pills that only treat your symptoms (not the underlying allergy)? No time for allergy shots at the doctor’s office? Now, you can take under-the-tongue (sublingual) allergy drops at home for no-hassle, long-term allergy relief. They get to the heart of the underlying allergy, and they are safer and far more convenient than allergy shots at the doctor’s office.

How do allergy drops work? Sublingual allergy drops contain extracts of common allergens. The drops absorb into the bloodstream through special cells in the mouth. As you take the drops daily under the tongue, they help your body develop an immunity to allergens so that it will stop overreacting to them in ways that lead to troubling symptoms.

Do drops help with food allergies? In addition to treating for pollen, pet dander and other environmental allergens, we can test and treat for 59 different food allergens using our food allergy drops.   Click here for more details.

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